The Foldtex Design is specialised in the development of objects from the material Foldtex. All designs are created from patterns and patterns, from which three-dimensional structures and objects can be folded. With very thin material thicknesses, it is possible to realise various geometric shapes easily. The objects can look delicate like from paper, life-size or very small, as well as stiff and also very mobile.




The material Foldtex consists of a combination of light, very thin wooden boards with textile-like coatings. By means of a special method, folded and cut patterns are cut into the material. The processed Foldtex plate is flexible and can be folded. Even complex fold patterns and unwinding’s can then be produced in a coherent piece.

Foldtex is an independent material with a special developed production and folding technique. It is more stable and durable than cardboard, lighter and more flexible than sheet metal and has its own unique aesthetic character. In its basic version, Foldtex is almost a fold-able wood and can get material like character by close meshed cutting.




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