Sophie Calle

The French conceptual artist called Sophie Calle is now considered as one of the most important artists of our time and was even recognized by Newsweek Magazine as one of the ten most important artists of contemporary art.
Since the late 1970’s she has been active as a photographer, combining text, image and conceptual installations. Her work amounts to a systematic laying bare of reality, whether it be her own or other people’s, with a limited portion left to chance. Absence of others is a central theme in her work. However Calle’s own existence plays an important role in her works.

We were introduced to Sophie Calle this morning during Storyboard Presentation, we then research in more depth about her and studied how she presented her photographs through series of storyboards. It is interesting how she used different techniques in order to communicate her works and presents them as a story.


The Hotel, Room 28 1981 by Sophie Calle born 1953
The Hotel, Room 28, 1981
Take Care of Yourself, 2009
Suite Vénitienne, 2015

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