screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-16-46-59 Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 16.53.45.png

we want to use aluminium honeycomb for the walls. felt for the balls. Honeycomb is a well-known core used to build a sandwich structure. The name originates from the structure of honeycombs built by bees to store honey. Honeycombs and flexcores are used in many applications, for example chassis of modern Formula One cars use honeycomb sandwich structures. The honeycomb, flexcores and nomex are sandwiched between two carbon skins with the purpose of creating a very stiff and strong structure that offers protection to the driver in case of a severe crash. 

The usage of honeycomb sandwich structures is advantageous. First and foremost the material itself is very light and a wide variety of materials can be used, for instance carbon, paper, aluminum, etc. Additionally, the core has a high strength to weight ratio and  a very good compressive strength. The sheets of honeycomb can be available in different thicknesses and densities and can be deformed to follow the shape of the tool where the component will be laminated.


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