Emotion Recognition

The recognition of human emotions is all about measuring the human body, and the physiological signals that change along with our emotions.

A team of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has built a device that can detect your emotions without wires. It is called EQ-Radio. The way it works is very similar to a Wi-Fi router, where it sends out a wireless signal. When the signal reaches a human body, it bounces back into the device. By measuring these reflections — the way the human body interacts with the wireless signals — the device can tell if you’re excited, happy, angry or sad.

This technology has also been used in fashion. Studio XO is a London based fashion deign studio which has designed a dress that does so called emotion sensing. With your emotions changing, the colour of the dress changes.


One thought on “Emotion Recognition

  1. a very good precedent for you. It can inform the construction, materiality and lighting of your proposal.
    Include it (together with your other very interesting precedents) to your review presentation!


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