Archinauts XXIV – Tranquility


Tranquility is a module of the International Space Station (ISS). ESA and the Italian Space Agency had Tranquility built by Thales Alenia Space. A ceremony on November 20, 2009 transferred ownership of the module to NASA. Known to us simply as Node 3, Tranquility is the name of our site for our space hotel, attached to the ISS.

Mass: 19,000 kg

Length (full): 6706 mm

Length (without cones): 5190 mm

Diameter (full): 4480 mm

Diameter (interior): 3500 mm

A crucial aspect which will have to be taken into account when designing the interior of the node is the module’s life support system: It recycles waste water for crew use and generates oxygen for the crew to breathe. In addition, Tranquility contains an atmosphere revitalization system to remove contaminants from the atmosphere and monitor/control the atmosphere constituents of the ISS. The space craft also contains a Waste and Hygiene Compartment toilet for supporting the on-board crew.


Four basic parts in the toilet:

  • the liquid waste vacuum tube (0.91m)
  • the vacuum chamber
  • the waste storage drawers
  • solid waste collection bags

Tranquility currently provides six berthing locations with power, data and commanding, thermal and environmental control, and crew access for more attached habitable volumes or for crew transportation vehicles or stowage, or an appropriate combination of all of these. One of the berthing locations is used by the Cupola, which houses a Robotic Work Station inside it to assist in the assembly/maintenance of the ISS, and offers a window for Earth observations.


A quick exploration & understanding of Tranquility’s measurements.

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