New Precedent


Resembling a floating white cloud suspended in air, “White” was a temporary exhibition produced by the 20 students of Studio 400, a 5th year architectural design studio led by professor Karen Lange at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. This space provided a sanctuary in which to read and display the thesis books of the students. Guest were invited to truly experience the space by walking, crawling, sitting, climbing, reading, and resting over and under the weaved space.

Studio 400 designed and produced the exhibition in a total of thirty days. Production was a period of 5 days in which 80,000 square feet of plastic sheeting was sliced, loomed, and weaved by the students in order to create the sculptural climbable surface. Large circular and linear loom systems were created in order to prefabricate most of the surface’s large scale plastic textile. These pieces were later hand stitched together in order to create a unique continuous surface capable of supporting an abundance of guest. The translucent white surface created a truly ethereal space not unlike walking on clouds.

Design Studio: Annie Bui, Ben Hait-Campbell, Ian Carney, Hanya Chen, Dion Dekker, Christina Hackett, Nathan Kiatkulpiboone, Mariko Kobayashi, Emily Kirwan, Mike Loree, Ross Majewski, Isshin Morimoto, Ryan Nevius, Nick Pappas, Alma Padilla-Iriarte, Farnoosh Rafaie, Pablo Sandoval, Shanna Sullivan, Joe Varholick, Cory Walker

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