RAF Cosford

Inspired by the recent trip to RAF Hendon, one of our team members took an independent visit to RAF Cosford in Shropshire with the hope of gathering more research on the materials and construction of old war planes.

In the museum are Britain’s three bombers; the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant as well as contemporary artifacts, part of the Berlin wall, missiles, models of submarines and many more war planes, open for the public to see.

The building in which these aircrafts are displayed is amazing, an inspiring architectural feature.


The FA-330 Bachstelze, a rotary winged kite, was one of the most ingenious aircraft produced during World War 2.

With a height of 120m (400ft), the various components of the Bachstelze were stored on deck of the ship in watertight containers. It is thought that the assembly took approximately three minutes, after assembly it was then launched from a small platform behind a sheltering tower.

Incredible how something so small, made with little materials can carry the weight of a human and still successfully be flown.

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