Fact Or Fiction: A day as an Astronaut

In addition to our space experience film, we also did some research into every day routine within space.


One of the great challenges astronaut are faced with when in space is eating. The zero atmosphere mean that food doesn’t stay on plates or surfaces and instead floats around. The changes in atmosphere and the time spent traveling means that fresh food goes rotten very easily so instead dehydrated food is taken on the trips and can be hydrated at a chosen time.


Astronaut sleeping quarters sometimes have private sleeping cubicles or open sleeping bags within a room. Comfort is not the problem at hand but but the safety of the astronauts and keeping them from bumping into one another and their environment.

Personal Hygiene 

Maintaining personal hygiene in space is fairly similar to that on Earth. Astronauts stand in a cylindrical tube close the door before wetting their skin and hair and washing with soap. However, due to weightlessness, the water droplets and soap don’t flow downwards into a drain, they float about. Astronauts use a suction device to get rid of the waste water.


Unfortunately, just going for a scenic bike ride or a trip to the cinema isn’t an option in space and spare space on board is limited and utilised for equipment and vitals so astronauts occupy themselves with their research and work, books and taking in the view.

Physical Exercise

Fitness is as important in space is it is on Earth. The physical toll of atmosphere changes to the body means it vital to maintain ones fitness and to ready the body for walking on land and the pull of gravity.


We’ve added a few images of real astronauts in comparison to a few fictional.

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