Archinauts XI – Passage/s

Exhibited for the first time, Doh Ho Suh’s intricate “Passage/s” stainless steel structure is a mind blowing installation: covered in a variety of polyester fabric, the artist creates stitched planes of translucent “Hubs” which are delicately precise, giving an impression of weightlessness (for more information on the latter, confer blog post VII). The South Korean artist who has been moving between London, New York and Seoul, has “long ruminated on the idea of home as both a physical structure and a lived experience” (Victoria Miro, 2017).

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Suh’s installation is a singular, unending passageway and consists of life-size replicas of every house he has ever lived in throughout his life. The structure can be navigated as a single, porous passage, reflecting on the artist’s own life and the experience of a person who has developed roots in multiple countries; the connecting spaces speak metaphorically about movement between cultures and the blurring of public and private. “To move through them is to experience a distinct emotional register, a sense of being in flux, crossing boundaries and moving between psychological states” (Victoria Miro, 2017).
 A truly inspiring artist with an eye for detail, and an interesting approach to creating seemingly weightless partitions as well as revealing the intricate structure and fittings of a room. Definitely worth reflecting on when designing our Space Hotel…

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