Archinauts II – Space Tourism Posters

What will space tourism look like centuries from now? A set of posters released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) provides an imaginative take. The travel posters were included in last years “Visions Of The Future” 2016 calendar. They depict various cosmic destinations, and among the collection are visuals for a multi-planet tour, a stop at Mars and exploring Enceladus, Saturn’s icy moon.

The posters themselves are visually stunning, with bold graphics that remind of Wes Anderson’s movie posters designed by graphic designer Annie Atkins.  The NASA posters have a heavy graphic style, representing an iconic design of 1960s futurism.

The graphic approach to these posters are modern and fun. They convey motion using comets and stars, as well as the use of bold colours that have been muted to create the aesthetic. Moreover, depth and dimension is created by the overlayof colours.


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